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Rainbow Six Siege, announced the Starter Edition for a limited time

Ubisoft has announced that the Starter Edition of Tom Clancy completo Rainbow Six Siege will be available for a limited time for PC.

The Edition is intended for those who want to enter the community of the video game, where the welcome they receive unrestricted access to all the content available to date or time limitation. The only difference with respect to the Normal Edition is the way in which players unlock 20 original agents.

The community of Rainbow Six has grown tremendously since the launch of Siege, and we couldn’t be more proud to see the enthusiasm and excitement that remains from the players around the game. We hope that the Starter Edition of Rainbow Six Siege encourage even more players to get the multiplayer hands on exclusive experience that the game offers.

Those that are made with the Starter Edition, will receive the following:

  • Two officers randomly selected among a group of agents that are intuitive, suitable for new players: Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute and Smoke.
  • R6 600 credits to spend on two additional original agent (300 R6 credits each), an agent of the season (600 credits R6 each), or additional content for the game.

The Edition will be available from 2 until June 19 to PC for the price of 15€.

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