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Razer Firefly Cloth Edition is the new Razer mousepad

The Razer Firefly Cloth Edition is the first mat in the world that unites a fabric surface optimized together with the characteristics of the lighting system Razer Chroma, with ability to customize up to 16.8 million colors and their effects.

Some time ago that Razer launched their ingenious mouse pad Razer Firefly, a mat with a rigid surface and a finished microtexturizado and Chroma lighting at the edges.

Mouse pad fulfils its function, since Razer Synapse can edit very comfortably chroma colors settings and adjusting various types of profiles, but not all users, they were used to that rigidity, what Razer has launched an alternative for users: the Razer Firefly Cloth Edition.


A mouse pad with the same characteristics as its previous model Firefly but with a surface of fabric, perfect for those users who were undecided with the Razer Firefly. It should be noted that this new pad as well as the previous model, also has personalization Chroma in 16.8 million colors and effects, as well as being fully compatible with all peripherals range Chroma.


The price of this pad does not vary with respect to its previous model, a RRP of € 74.99 on the Razer Store, and the booking of this new model is now available.

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