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Relive the legendary Yu-Gi-Oh card game! Duel Links


The classic collectible card game Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! reach mobile devices with Android and iOS systems, and, in that way! The people of Konami (which are also creators of the original game) have been able to do a good job in adapting the mechanics to touch screens, which apparently seen in other similar titles such as for example the of Magic the Gathering, are not easy as it seems. Then we tell you all about the game.

It begins the duel-du-du

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links puts all meat Grill and offers everything you would expect a game of style and more. We have different game modes: singleplayer, multiplayer casual, multiplayer leaderboard, duels with friends… In addition to this there are other additives as to embody the great majority of the characters of the legendary animated series, and a control system rather than solvent.

We will have a creator of Decks to customize our decks and follow our style of play. No pre-defined decks. We get letters buying envelopes through micropayments, but you’ll be pleased to know that the game is pretty benevolent along these lines gives us many cards as we are going to progress in the different game modes.

The visual and artistic section is treated to the smallest detail with spectacular animations of invocation for legendary creatures and a playing field that does not transport to a chapter of the series, however, despite this, we note that they have made a great effort to optimize the put game that works well even in the humblest device. Unfortunately we cannot speak as well of the paragraph sound since the music is in a very poor quality and is repeated over and over again, becomes something that even most bloody in the case of a game that we will normally return.

If you like Yu-Gi-Oh! don’t hesitate, download it now.

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