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Resident Evil VII, a documentary shows us its development

Capcom has released the second part of the documentary thus became Biohazard Resident Evil VII, the latest installment of multimillion-dollar sales of the successful saga of survival horror. This second installment, entitled “Bienvenido family” focuses on the choice of the Louisiana as a point of departure for the action of the game and how is recreated the atmosphere and ambience, as well as give details of how the idea to create the mansion.

They also speak of characterization of Jack, one of the main characters of the game, and reviewed some of the main scenes where passes the action, as well as the process of with real image preview, appreciating how it should be implemented in the development of a game that offers an outstanding survival horror experience.

This second installment involves Toshihiko Tsuda (Art Director), Sata Morimasa (stage Director), Jun Takeuchi (Producotr Executive) and Koshi Nakanishi (Director).

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