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Retransmission of the Regional Championship of Pokemon in England

The Pokémon Company already has everything ready to start the next Pokemon Regional Championship which will be held in the city of Sheffield, England, this same Saturday March 4, from 10:30. The Championship will last throughout the weekend.

Sheffield has become the most important city in this weekend, hosting one of the most interesting and important season regional Championships. The English City will host a multitude of coaches willing to win the title of master Pokémon along an exciting weekend. Whether in the editions of Nintendo 3DS: Sun Pokemon and Pokemon Moon, as in JCC Pokemon.

If you are interested in to see the Championship of England, either that of video games with Pokemon Sun and moon Pokemon (VGC) issues, or game of cards collectible (JCC), you can see both live competitions through the two profiles of Twitch that has created The Pokémon Company for the occasion.

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