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Rogue Stormers will arrive in physical format advance disc hand

Advancement records has announced the release date of the physical version of Rogue Stormers, the title of action-platform.

Rogue Stormers is the second title of Black Forest Games, the team behind Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. It combines the classic gameplay of run ‘n’ gun with a modern style, a configuration with dual stick shooter and all the good things that a roguelike offers. Each run will be different thanks to the random generation of the level and the emergence of numerous advantages and weapons.

The title is an action shooter fast using double stick on the controller. The player has to run, shoot
and blow up everything in their path through hordes of enemies to save Ravensdale. The title features a cooperative mode, both online and local, where up to 4 players can get together. Also, if you die, you will have to start again, but despite being a difficult game, you can set the difficulty to avoid frustration. Offering a great challenge, for those who don’t want to stay in simple levels.

Rogue Stormers arrive in physical format on March 31 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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