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RogueCube launches its campaign of Steam Greenlight

The independent study of Oviedo, Bipolar Dawn, has announced that his first and most recent title RogueCube, is now available on Steam Greenlight. You can give all your support through the campaign available from this link.

RogueCube challenges dominate the shooter from their bases, reducing the genre to its essence. Using current games that follow the inheritance of the first Rogue, as well as such classics as the sagas of Zelda or Metal Gear, with the aim of giving life to the bosses that we will face after each stage.

In addition to having to overcome hundreds of enemies and challenging bosses, we will also have to prove our worth in daily challenges; improve our skills in the training room; participate in unique rescue missions; or enjoy with friends and prove who is the best in local multiplayer games. In RogueCube mechanics are placed as the main element, since the mixture between the essence of a shooter and RPG touches from the inspiration of games such as the Legend of Zelda already being, or the Pokemon world mysterious saga, give birth to a game with its own identity, the peculiar and unique sea regarding other titles on the market.

RogueCube highlights aspects as the procedural level generation, which builds a new map for each game, dozens of weapons and unlockable characters, all with unique abilities and features. In addition to seven bosses that defeat in fighting one against one and lots of hidden levels and other secrets to discover.

If you like this project, please do not hesitate to support Bipolar Dawn in his campaign of Steam Greenlight, which is also collaborating Ratalaika Gamesteam.

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