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Root Letter comes in physical format from the hand of BadLand Games

BadLand Games announced to be responsible for bringing the physical Edition of Root Letter, the visual novel of Kadokawa Games and PQubeto Spain. The Edition that will reach our country Root Letter (Limited Edition), which will include an exclusive color art book.

Root Letter is the first installment of a series of Visual novels that revolves around the mystery that envelops Fumino, an old friend by correspondence, who disappeared 15 years ago. We will have to investigate and find out what happened after receiving his last letter, in which confesses te that he committed a murder.

Extracting tracks from previous letters, traveling from one locality to another within the province of Shimane and interviewing people from his past and witnesses who knew her, we will have to discover the truth of what happened. As we extend the research over the past 15 years, we will have to solve complex puzzles. In Root Letter history may also have up to 5 different endings, with different paths to follow in any of them, which gives it a high degree of replayability.

To this must be added to a beautiful artistic appearance and character design from the hand of Mino Taro, Japanese rural surroundings full of details, and an incredible soundtrack by composer Takashi Nitta.

Root Letter (Limited Edition) come in physical format on October 28 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Then we leave the trailer.

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