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Sailaway, sail Simulator, to reach this first PC and Mac

OrbCreation has recreated the oceans of the planet with precision on a detailed map of the world for this new adventure where you can enjoy your navigation. At Sailaway, take a trip across the Pacific takes months, as you would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, we will be able to adjust the setting and our boat will continue to sail even if we are not online. Receive updates by email as our boat continues its progress, but it will be best to not forget to take a look often already with real-time weather data extracted from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), conditions can change in just a few hours.

Choose from three types of boats ultra-detailed, a 38′ Cruiser, a Mini-Transat, or a Classic Yacht 45′ – all modeling accurately and with full controls to set a course to the adventure. Sailaway is one of the simulators of navigation more advanced market, with waves and a color of exact waters based on our location (waves and the behaviour of waves varies from Ocean to Ocean).

With a wide range of difficulty settings, Sailaway allows adjustments for even the most novice players willing to become full-fledged sailors, while offering advanced features to challenge the most experienced captains.

The developers of OrbCreation also understand that the world’s oceans can be a lonely place, so they have designed a global, local and chat group in real time allowing us to communicate freely with other sailors to organize our own travel or spend navigation tips. These features also allow us to invite others to our boat to help deal with the journey ahead – and if you want some friendly competition, Sailaway includes options to create our own racing with start/finish lines. Queen as the master of the wind with online leaderboards and challenge the other sailors to reach the first place.

With an established fan base, Sailaway plan to use Steam Early Access to continue shaping the game difficulty curves and also receive contributions from the community regarding boats, tutorials, challenges, events and features. Scheduled the game received much more content and players are encouraged to give feedback.

Sailaway reach PC and Mac during the next spring.

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