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Save these adorable creatures in Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth


Hopeless: Dark Hollow Earth is the third installment of a trilogy of games available for mobile devices that despite not stress too much by its paragraph playable dazzle us with its impeccable artistic paragraph full of details that carry the game to another level. Then we tell you more about the title.

Fear of the dark

From the outset the Hopeless saga is based on the struggle of these adorable creatures yellow against the terrifying creatures that attack from the darkness. It is simple premise has helped designers and artists create characters and totally unbelievable scenarios that are more typical of titles such as the Rayman made with Ubi-art than of a free mobile game.

The Gameplay is quite simple, we are faced with an action game with a system of progression and weapons system, nothing new. We must simply touch in the desired direction to shoot and protect our convoy while we rescued our fellow and protect them from the incessant waves of monsters who threaten us.

Get coins will be vital to unlock new equipment that will come in very useful for more advanced levels, given that, even though the control is simple difficulty fits quite as we move forward in the adventure and always find new threats during the course of the screens (since most powerful enemies until obstacles along the way).

Unfortunately as we always have a somewhat abusive system of micropayments. It is clear that the free games should get benefits somewhere, but hopefully in the future will find another alternative way. So much coin, gem, chest just… saturating the screen, and in some cases until have removed us the desire to play. Apart from this we have a very competent game, fun and beware of a remarkable artistic direction that sometimes rubs Rayman Adventures which offer.

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