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Sea of Thieves. Journey log phase Alpha

Thanks to the good do Microsoft have had the privilege of testing is of Thieves in its Alpha phase. In this way, we have introduced into the skin of a pirate, accompanied by three colleagues, to dominate the Islands and seas in a theoretical fight fierce against other players.

To approach!

The first thing that we need to clarify is that only we have been enjoying this cooperative experience for 3 few hours in that from the beginning we have had a team of three companions more with the same desire that we live adventures onboard our ship. As soon as all the crew members were in the game, we could see our “Black Pearl”, the ship that will help us to achieve the objectives that we are taking. In our inventory a map common to members of the group shows us our destination and the X that marks the place of the treasure, together we will have to find it and get it in the shortest possible time or until another team of piratillas us forward. This will be the main motivation of the gang during this stay within servers is of Thieves, find a series of chests that will allow us to give finished the adventure. We are aware that this aspect still has much to improve and that we are only testing a small portion of what we’re going to find the final game so it is more important to highlight a number of aspects that have struck us on our journey is of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves

As we already saw in the last E3 appearance is completely cartoon. Looking for a carefree and colourful style that allows its central time in the gameplay experience and possibilities which offers a map that seems relatively big and where you can find dozens of different islands either by obligation to play or enjoy. As it could not be otherwise the music and sound effects accompany perfectly the game and can even form our own band and play symphonies at the same time.

Our boat will obviously be inside elements with which we can interact the first and foremost. It will have three levels, cover where the captain’s cabin, we have cannons the paraphernalia needed to raise or lower sails and rudder, with three candles that will give us different levels of speed to the wind. If we went down to the first level will find barrels where replace our mug of grog, replenish our bales of canon and take delicious bananas that we subsequently consumed to recover energy. On the second level of the boat will find the area of prisoners and that will be where accumulates water when our boat begins to collapse. In this case we have to take a bucket to scoop water up the two levels of knocking him overboard. No doubt in a naval battle that is going to have very much since it should not be forgotten that all the tasks have to be among four people, so someone will have to be also at the helm, another firing bullets and how it can not be otherwise adjusting each candle to take advantage of the best possible way the wind against our enemies.

Out our boat can also find this class of objects as well as Woods to be able to repair it. Also in our travels by land we will have to deal with the only enemies that we have been part of other players such as skeletons, born of the Earth. Our pistols and blunderbusses Let’s facing them in search of the X that marks the place. In an effort to scan and once completed missions asking by the Sea of Thieves alpha phase, we find all kinds of islands in that peculiar characters run hostels or business which in the future can be useful but are now simply modeled and placed on the map objects.

Sea of Thieves

During this exploration we found sometimes other players who invade, address or annihilate in a naval battle. This required much skill and the good of all members group than with a single failure can already influence the total destruction of our ship. There is during these battles not only combat with cannons to Windward, but in an act of courage can launch us into the water to Board his boat and kill them while they are believed safe. For now the only combat weapons are pistols and blunderbusses. If within this discipline we can defeat the enemies we will send them to Davy Jones Company aboard the Flying Dutchman, having to wait to be returned to its initial boat.

Conclusion phase Alpha of Sea of Thieves

For now we don’t have more than good words to what we enjoyed playing either of Thieves. If there is something that is worth mentioning is the great work for a cooperative and competitive experience different from what is known so far, getting a final formula much less interesting and that we want to see how it ends. On the other hand not fail to praise the great realism of the sea in all and each one of their appearances and behaviors.

Here the log-book, until the next entry.

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