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Selection of products Energy Sistem for the mother’s day

The mother’s day, which will take place on 7 may, approaches and why brands are beginning to give us ideas of what we can give in this special day. Is the case of Energy Sistem has prepared a selection composed by «four Energy Sistem gadgets that are a sure hit (and break cliches) “. Let’s see what are the products proposed by the Spanish brand:

Energy Tablet 3 Max

For some years, the tablet is one of the most gifted product, since it is a very versatile product. The Energy Tablet Max 3 is a tablet designed for those looking for an affordable device but with high performance. This tablet has a 10.1 HD screen inch and cameras front and back, so it is ideal to carry out video calls. It also boasts Xtreme Sound technology, mounting two stereo speakers in the face frontal of the device, to provide a surround sound and high-quality. You can book on its website for 119 euros.

Energy Sport Earphones 1 Bluetooth

For those that you have an athlete mother, the Energy Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth can be a great option. These headphones feature an Anatomic design that prevents to move, so they are ideal for use in at the gym, or jogging. In addition, they have built-in controls, so you can raise or lower volume, select songs or answer calls without having to remove the Mobile Pocket. The Energy Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth are priced from 19.90 euros.

Energy eReader Pro HD

Another great gift that never goes out of style is a book. In this case, the Spanish firm offers us to go a step further and give our mother an electronic book reader. This device has a 6 inch e-ink letter HD display, with 16 levels of grey and anti-reflection system, all of which are thought to enjoy a reading as real as if it were paper. It also has 8 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi connection and side buttons which facilitate the passage of page. On the other hand, it has Android operating system, which guarantees access to a wide range of applications, dictionaries and books on the Play Store. This device is available on the web from Energy Sistem for just 139 euros.

Energy Headphones 1 Bluetooth

Energy Headphones 1 Bluetooth are some headphones wireless designed for those looking for fidelity sound along with a groundbreaking design. Available in black, white, blue and red colors, are perfect for listening to music on any mobile phone, tablet or even PC connection Bluetooth. In addition, they have built-in microphone to answer calls, and have an autonomy of 8 hours of playback. These headphones will be available in late April at a price of 24.90 euros.

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