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Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52, a mouse gaming with RGB lighting

Manufacturer of peripherals Sharkoon has released a new mouse focused to the gamer audience. This product, which is called the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52, is characterized by having at the bottom with 32 RGB lighting color preset.

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 a laser sensor incorporates Avago ADNS-9800, which offers a maximum of 8,200 steps DPI, with a sensitivity that can be customized on an individual basis in increments of 100 DPI using the brand game software. This device is equipped with 4 steps already configured from factory, which can be selected via a switch located on the top of the same… The current DPI setting can be viewed through the logo SHARK ZONE illuminated in white, whose brightness varies depending on the selected step.

RGB lighting with 32 preset colors

In its lower part, the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 has RGB lighting. Individual lighting effects, with a total of 32 preset colors can be selected through the game software. In addition, the brightness can be adjusted in three steps to include lighting button.

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 iluminación RGB

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 has 8 programmable buttons

This mouse features an symmetric design. In addition, it has a total of 8 programmable buttonsand a black rubber surface . Omron switches on both left and right buttons promise a life cycle operating at least 10 million clicks.

All buttons of the M52 can map to many keys of Windows and multimedia commands, through the game software. This includes programmable macros as well as the X-shot feature, which can emulate up to 255 clicks the left button consecutively after simple pressing the assigned key. You can also set between each X-shot a delay of up to 255 milliseconds. 128 kB of onboard memory allows up to five individual configuration of storage, each in a game profile. Unlimited in the PC game profiles, can be configured so that when necessary they can load in the built-in memory of the mouse. This means that, If we connect the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 to another PC, the settings will not be lost, which can be used even without software installation.

The mouse has a featherweight for only 97 grams and is connected via the popular textile cord braided in black and yellow SHARK ZONE and a gold-plated USB connector. The maximum polling rate is 1000 Hz, and the distance lift-off is between one and five millimeters.

Price and availability

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 is available now for a price of 36.99 euros. You can find more information about it on its product page at the official website of Sharkoon.

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