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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, CI Games presents the refuge of the soldier

CI Games and Koch Media have distributed new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 images that serve as presentation private refuge, a place where we can relax, recover and prepare for the next mission, among other things.

The refuge is a safe place where our main protagonist can sleep at a specific time, modify and buy items, choose the equipment and start the mission. There are several shelters to discover in the North of the Republic of Georgia, many of which contain boots or new weapons to equip us. Once located, the players may return to these places whenever they are not in a designated area of a mission.

Some of the things you find on the refuge are:

  • The stash of weapons is the place where we can change the equipment. Here you can buy and get primary, secondary, weapons in hand, devices and fittings…
  • In the work table, the player can prepare special and normal ammunition, devices and kits using resources found around. There are five kinds of resources, each used in different proportions can model different equipment and modified weapons and accessories.
  • The currency in Sniper Ghots Warrior 3 is called ‘Trading Goods’. Player can buy almost anything available in the game therefore from grenades and first-aid kits to arms. The currency can be purchased in various ways during the game: by completing missions, principal or secondary, finding objects, killing major objectives, helping civilians or simply finding it by chance.
  • There are different types of Special ammunition that can be used to carry out various missions according to the objectives and the environment, some are directed and help you to locate enemies, others emit electromagnetic waves, also there are explosive, etc…
  • There is a large lot of devices and tools of combat available for purchase or development that will help the player to execute their plans of approximation. These devices differ according to their utility, from offensive grenades up to defensive alarms, but is the player to decide how you want to use them, according to their style of play and tactics available may vary.
  • The player can change accessories, unlocking weapons will get to complete quests, but you can also find them or buy.

sniper ghost warrior 3
sniper ghost warrior 3
sniper ghost warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 opens in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC April 25, 2017.

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