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Soviet Monsters Ekranoplans. Analysis PC

The simulation video games have lived with us for decades, taking a multitude of forms: social simulation (Sims), of construction and management (Theme Park), (Democracy), economic policy (the Patrician saga)… However, among the vast variety of simulation games, it is impossible not to mention the vehicle simulation, a prominent genre where we have had the opportunity to manage transport as varied as cars, trucks, trains, tanks, planes and spaceships through large titles such as Euro Truck Simulator, IL-2 Sturmovik or Wing Commander. It is precisely here where enters Soviet Ekranoplans Monsters, a work of Santa’s & Co. where we will get control of several ekranoplanos – a kind of aviones-aerodeslizadores of Soviet origin – to meet a series of dangerous missions. If the original title can be a gap between all these heavyweights of the simulation is something that we will see below.

Monsters of the cold war

The game presents two types of starting: participate in individual missions, or play career mode. Really, just there are differences between both modes of play, as missions to do – 27 in total – will be the same; almost the only distinction that we find will be that we will have to deal with some aspects of customization through tedious menus before starting the mission, something that, although there is in individual missions, at least in these process is more automated in career mode.


Without a doubt, these previous missions selection menus display one of the major flaws of the game: an enormous amount of data chaotically presented, which, for lack of tutorial, we’ll never end up having clear. Certainly, the introduction of each ekranoplano is excellent, with every aspect of the same well detailed through various figures and their corresponding miniature, but crew-related options and the equipment of the vehicle leave much to be desired.

Once we have our prepared ekranoplano, will begin the mission… and not here the game is able to fall in love. After a short tutorial that just clarifies us the most basic concepts, we will have to face horrible controls and a more typical of titles physical for many, many years ago. Without hardly game options, we will be flying low-altitude over the water, looking for our objectives – a submarine that rescued, structures of NATO that destroy, a communications tower that help build… – While we exchanged shots with our enemies in a few tasteless fighting. Thus, conclude any mission becomes a little torture, which while we fight with controls and a soporific game rhythm.


Not at the height of the mother Russia

Technically, Soviet Ekranoplans Monsters is the son of a modest development team: does Santa’s & Co. you have many resources at your disposal. The graphics are simple, and even if we speak of the landscapes we have a very poor job; only the ekranoplanos can save themselves from the burning, because it is undeniable that he has been in them where every effort has been.

Regarding the music, the few pieces of the title not especially, but also clash. Sound effects, however, are well made: engines, shots, explosions…

Conclusions of Soviet Monsters Ekranoplans

At the beginning of the analysis we wondered where would Soviet Ekranoplans Monsters in the world of the simulation. Unfortunately, we have to say that we we have a game that will not be remembered; the title shows that the lack of resources of the study has failed to be supported rather than with an original idea poorly executed. Unfortunately, the ekranoplanos of the Soviet era have had a revival that it has not been at the height of his legend, but we hope that the plans to improve the game and add new options to the same adecenten the title ultimately.

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