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Splatoon held its last festival in July

Nintendo has announced what will be the next and final festival for Splatoon. After 15 festivals, the 16th will be responsible for putting a final point to these fun events multiplayer which have made us face difficult decisions to choose such as dogs or cats, pizza with or without pineapple, or Bob Esponja or Patrick among others.

However, for this time Nintendo has decided to choose a much more personal subject to fire festivals. Now they will make us choose between the beloved and charismatic Calamarcinas, sea and Tina. The combat will take place from 11:00 hours (Pacific time) on Friday, July 22, until 11:00 (Pacific time) Sunday, July 24, moment in which the overall results will be published and be crowned the winning side.

Also to celebrate this farewell Nintendo has launched several activities to dismiss the Splatoon festivals. For this and for the most nostalgic, the Art Academy in Miiverse community is inviting all fans to submit his drawings on the theme “festival-goers memories“, using the game Art Academy. The deadline to submit your artwork will be on July 13 and the best will be published in the official Splatoon Facebook profile.

Splatoon Art Academy

On the other hand the very same sea and Tina will visit Europe to act in a live concert in the Japan Expo in Paris, on Friday, July 8. The Calamarcinas will be performing before the public through a special screening with a live band. Sea and Tina will be uploaded to the Karasu stage 13:45 hours (Pacific time). Those who cannot attend the Japan Expo in Paris, also will see the concert, a few hours after the end of, in the video that will be posted on the official Nintendo Youtube Channel. From here you can see the concert which was held last may in Niconico Tokaigi.

In addition, take the news to remind you that as of July 8 the new strip of amiibo of the Splatoon series will launch. This will be composed of a total of five new amiibo between which can be used to sea and Tina, both separately and in pack, and new colors, with limited units, for figures amiibo of girl inkling (lime green), chico inkling (violet) and inkling squid (orange). The amiibo of sea and Tina will offer us a concert in Piazza Cromopolis, where you can choose between a variety of songs, including an exclusive only for each amiibo.

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