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Star Wars Battlefront: what offers mode skirmish


Star Wars Battlefront, the Galactic shooter says, it has offered so far an immersive multiplayer experience in the universe Star Wars. During seven months we have played against other users in various corners of the Galaxy. But there has been something that many nostalgic players have asked the company: an offline mode.

SAYS, that tends to listen to its users to keep them happy, worked in skirmish mode to bring us this fun extra that many sought. We have been several days with him in our computers and consoles, and we can clearly say what has, is missing, offer us, and what must be polished.

Skirmish mode, nostalgia in Battlefront

Skirmish have, for now, two game modes: assault at-ATS and fighter squadronwith the maps available for these modes. We can play co-op with a single friend, or against it, but always with another player. In console can do it in split screen, and on computer over the internet. Of course, we can also play alone against the AI. It is hoped that, if it succeeds (and is having it in the absence of some tweaks), it says add more modes and Polish those details that are missing.

The IA has three levels of difficulty: normal, hard, and master. The most advisable and balanced is the difficult. The normal mode is for a ride, get 150 casualties, feel a hero of the rebels or the Empire and back to real life in the multiplayer. The difficult offers a few bots with more accuracy, more play equipment and more damage in the blasters. In master mode, we enter a universe of nightmare that we can’t have the head into the air because the percentage of fault of the bots should be 0.1%.


Up in the sky, bots also quite change the mode of play according to the difficulty. If normal is complete chaos, in difficult fighters often fly in pairs, in a sort of way patrol it goes for everything that moves and that they protect each other when they receive an attacker. Also in assault at-ATS make focus very well on the ground, attacking the at-ATS and even soldiers in sight.

The romantic is that all the soldiers are as they should be and, in this sense, it is a pure Star Wars experience. I.e., them Imperial van all with their helmets, not teaching mane or beard, and the rebels also van with their uniform corresponding. What is that removed the helmet? If you saw the emperor…

Skirmish mode defaults

It is a very new way, still contains some inexcusable errors, perhaps due to a lack of time or imagination. The AI bots need a polished, and do something in normal difficulty, not only non-expert marksmen. It is true that so far they had no more to chase us by a small map modes in battle of a player, but we need something more.

In the mode at-ATS, when there is a change of objectives, even in hard difficulty, the bots are still waiting for the next points to capture. The feeling is that are very well programmed for certain things but lack them enough Fund.


Something that is missing, very much, that and AI have heroes and villains. If we take a hero Enhancer and begin to spread wax, the enemy will not have a counterpoint. And the nice thing would be that we chose Luke us plant to Darth Vader’s rival.

It is not a training for multiplayer

This idea must have it clear. They are two very different things, and although we can take practical to aim, shoot and try different weapons and vehicles without the tension of playing you points in multiplayer, skirmish is another story. If we get 200 casualties in skirmish and go to multiplayer thinking that we we do not leave puppet head, we cannot forget the topic. A bot has nothing to do with a real player. Multiplayer games are often chaotic, unexpected things happen, and that has its point of fun.

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