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Steep with your reservation at GAME gift

The chain of video game GAME has announced the campaign’s reserves of Steep, the title of sports ends of Ubisoft. With each reservation of title we will receive all of this large number of exclusive extra digital content:

DLC Pack Luz de Luna:

  • 3 night challenges
  • 3 costumes night
  • Resplendent equipment for each activity
  • Bengal rocket wingsuit

DLC Pack Freestyle:

  • Free style table
  • Costume Crystal

In addition to the Standard Edition, the GAME shops will also have the Steep Gold Edition that includes, besides the 2 DLC by the reserve, all of the following.

  • Game full Steep.
  • Season Pass, which contains:
    • DLC 1 – Winter Party Pack: new sport (sled), new challenges, and additional costumes.
    • DLC 2 – Pack end: 3 new sports full of adrenaline (propulsion wings, jump base and high speed descent), new challenges and additional outfits.
  • Adrenaline Pack: more challenges and elements of personalization.
  • Tickets for the helicopter.
  • 10,000 credits Steep.
  • Exclusive appearance bonus: snowman costume.

Steep will leave us at the top of the mountains of the Alps to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, paragliding or wing suit flying. These sports will have greater freedom to explore the open world of the game, allowing us to choose how making the descents. We will travel the Alps alone or down with friends, to discover a wide variety of activities that will test our abilities.

Steep reach of PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 2.

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