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Super Bomberman R shows gameplay in new trailer

Konami, through the Nintendo channel of Youtube, It has shown a new trailer for Super Bomberman R, the new installment of the series coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. This video shows us different sequences taken directly from the gameplay of the title, as well as review its features.

Super Bomberman R offers a new version of the classic, while retaining these core elements, but with a renewed visuals. It will take advantage of possibilities provided by the new Nintendo console, allowing us to play any time, anywhere. The title provides a way to ‘Battle’ where eight players may face until the “last man standing” is declared the winner. There will also be a way ‘Story’ where one or two players, working cooperatively, will have the objective of overcoming 50 platforms in order to save the Galaxy.

In addition to these developments, all the recognizable elements of Bomberman return to the new title of Nintendo Switch, including useful objects hidden in destructible areas of each maze. The removal of a wall will often reveal a power to extend the scope of the explosion, or equip Bomberman with new skills: fast movements, the ability to shoot or throw bombs, and many more.

Super Bomberman R will be available for Nintendo Switch on March 3. Then we leave the trailer.

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