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Syberia 3, the wonderful world of Benoit Sokal event

Wednesday 29 last had the pleasure of attending the event of Syberia 3 held in Madrid, the new title developed by third installment designed by amazing artist Benoît Sokaland Microids . The adventures of Kate Walker continue on PC (with a surprise), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from next April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America. It is planned to release a version for Nintendo Switch which will be announced very soon.

Syberia 3 events take place a few weeks after what happened in Syberia 2, giving start when a caravan Youkol discovers a dying Kate Walker in middle of nowhere, frozen and almost buried by the cold snow. Tribe is accompanying large ostriches from the snows on their ancient migration to the sacred lands where carried out their mating rituals. Caught in the Valsembor decide to take Kate to the clinic in the city, where he will know to Kurk, the spiritual guide of the Youkol. Sensing that it is alive thanks to this tribe, Kate decides to help them in sign of gratitude. With this premise, Kate must solve the problems of the people of the tribe and meet the various inhabitants of Valsembor. A city that once was a model of the industrial regime, but now is devastated because of a nuclear explosion.

Syberia 3 is the first in the series to be developed completely in 3D. Maintaining, in this way, all the authenticity and the artist Benoît Sokal style essence that it already demonstrated in the two previous installments. Benoit, who already has on their backs with a great experience in the world of graphic novels, he saw great potential to tell their stories in video games. A cartoonist who prefer to focus more on creating a good plot and atmosphere is before that in technology, creating really wonderful universes.

Syberia 3

To create these oniric landscapes covered with snow or with references to the SteamPunk culture, Benoît addresses issues that are important in your life. He was inspired by Ukraine, their long and cold winters, the factories and the Chernobyl disaster. A city that today is still a focus of attention to the scientists, who has served as inspiration to build the city of Baranour and everything that surrounds a Syberia 3. And as any setting you must also go accompanied by a great soundtrack, this time composed by Inon Zur, recognized with awards from the music of Hollywood and twice nominated for the BAFTA awards. He is a composer who has worked on lots of series, movies, and games like Fallout, Dragon Age, and Prince of Persia.

For those who are unaware of this saga, Syberia is a game in which the analysis of the environment and objects have an important role. The vast majority of them will be put to the test all of our intellectual resources to solve mysteries and puzzles that our adventurous Kate Walker is found along the way. For this third installment, the system has several aspects to consider such as exploration in third person, the collection of objects and its Association of use and abundant dialogs that allow you to make decisions with a real big impact in the main story. Where any response has a great impact, and even the characters if they do not receive a quick response are beginning to grow impatient. In this way, we find that Syberia 3 is a much more immersive regarding their two previous deliveries, completing more than the narrative of the same.

Syberia 3

During the event, which began with an impressive experience Escape Room in ExitMadrid, we are witnessing a Live gameplay of its beta version. And no, we even had the pleasure to try to bring some deeper impressions, but we can tell you what seemed to us doing a little comparison regarding Syberia and Syberia 2. As discussed above, Syberia 3 is a graphic change completely relying on scenarios very well implemented in 3D. All this without losing not a shred of personality and artistic gift of Benoit Sokal.

Despite being a beta, we saw that the title works dynamically and fluid, but point out that the graphic appearance could give more of itself like some animations, that insurance will be polished in the final version of the title. Also, the textures have been improved to a high level in what environments is referred to as the walls and objects. Modeling, by what we saw, work correctly but with some iluminacion-sombras details not just convince. Will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated releases of the year and it is that much we have had to wait for this third installment, coming with great innovations and be the most complete of all.

However, we do have a little video with some pictures belonging to the Syberia 3 beta which you can see below.

On the other hand they announced that it Syberia 3 boasts a stunning collector’s Edition consists of a copy of the game – be it PC, PS4 or Xbox One, a 20-page comic in English and French, a wonderful art book, soundtrack, a poster, 2 lithographs and an impressive figure of 18cm of Kate Walker. In addition, a large box of collector to store the content in it.

Also reported us that those who take hold of copy of Syberia 3 for PC will have a gift very special, perfect for those who have never played before the saga, and is that this edition will bring inside a copy of Syberia and Syberia 2 completely free. A last right? Because I don’t know what are you waiting to reserve your copy.

Syberia 3

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