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Symmetra changes are now available in the RPP

Blizzard has announced new update that will come to the RPP of Overwatch, the title of action multiplayer. Among the novelties included in this patch is found them expected changes of balance of Symmetra.

The company has shown a new video about updates in development, where the director of the game Jeff Kaplan exposes the redesign of Symmetra, that incorporates two new skills:

  • Generator of shields: Symmetra is converted in the first character of Overwatch with the possibility of choose your final. Thus, those players may choose between teleporter and this new option, that you allows place a device that gives shields additional to them Allied that are within the radio of the generator.
  • Barrier of photons: This new ability active, that replaces to shield of photons, you allows generate a great barrier of energy that blocks the fire enemy as is moves towards front.

In addition, after the character changes, reach the RPP new map of control, Oasis.

To know the details about these new and much more, in the patch notes. Then we leave you the video of the Resdiseno (in English).

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