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T2: Trainspotting. Critical

Twenty years later, Danny Boyle, hand back the band forming Ren (Ewan McGregor), Spud (Ewen Bremner), Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller) and Begbie (Robert Carlyle) to return it to us to tell the misadventures of this Quartet of failures and misfits and how have tried it life after the events that triggered the betrayal and fled with the 16000 pounds that were to be distributed between the four as a result of the sale of a cache of heroin by the character of McGregor.

The story starts with Mark Renton back to the suburbs of Edinburgh after spending some years in Amsterdam, in renewed appearance. Has left the heroin, he is married and has been father, there “Spud·” Daniel is reunited with his old comrades Murphy” and Simon”Sick Boy”Williamson, that will welcome you with more or less rancor, but above all with the violent “franco”Begbie, who keeps him greater hatred for the betrayal and hoping to avenge him after escaping from prison.

In this meeting of old friends Boyle, helped by the script again as in the first part of John Hodge and that tells a new story keeping only some light strokes of the plot of the novel “Porno” of Irvine Welsh, literary sequel to Trainspotting, protagonist to treat a failure history deals with the maturity of the Quartet, penalty joy, guilt, revenge, love, hate and self-destruction among multiple subjects, again in a world marked by drugs, sex and violence. While the frame of the film is not as gruesome as the first part.

T2: Trainspotting

It is impossible after all this time, expect T2: Trainspotting has the same impact as the original film of 1996. The soundtrack, the poster, the slogan “Choose life” are icons of the culture of the Brit Pop at the end of the last decade.

What happens in T2 is that Boyle, from the hand of the libretto by Hodge, tries to capture the spirit of the original their same punk energy, the same characters as family returning to bad habits, but it does everything the same way and there is where the success of director among others (Slumdog Millionaire or 28 days later). Also makes it a more mature perspective, of a few characters but they are still a handful of sympathetic braindead, now have a taste of middle aged men with complex of “peterpanes” allowing the director to explore new topics such as the importance of parents (the good and the bad) and the strength of the fraternal links between friends who reunite.

Thus while Renton back its old steps in the first half an hour of footage, we see that the narration does not run from his post, becoming a supporting character and giving the weight of the narration of the story the character of Spud, in a sort of homage of raging bull in his presentation, which allows you to define him perfectly in his role as minstrel and Narrator of the events that together the four in the first film.

T2: Trainspotting

So, nostalgia for the lost time reinforces the development of characters who were just quick brush strokes in the first part and of which we are left wanting to know more about them as Begbie and Simon, dan packaging as it happened in the novels on which is based to the past of the four protagonists.

Truth is that in this game of evolution, the character of Renton is that grows less, but still as character actor in both films gives us priceless scenes as the prologue in the gym or the song improvised bar anti Catholic, that make the film is emparente with hooligan and riotous humor that characterized the first film.

Conclusion T2: Trainspotting

So in conclusion, we are in a good movie, no doubt, moreover, it’s a good continuation, since it lacks that secuelitis of the current cinema complex in which we tend to tell the same story that in part not to risk to trying new strains of the genus.

T2 is a good movie, some may seem inferior to the first, but in fact in my view, it is not, but that is different. Therefore, Boyle does not want to give us more of the same and prefers to shoot a film with its own identity, that of first can disappoint to the very fans of the original and its written versions, but which will win adherents to visit it are more than once.

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