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On April 26 will be held the day of the Alien activities

The day of the Alien returns on April 26, a nod to the planet LV-426 of the iconic Alien movies, counting down the new Ridley Scott’s science fiction thriller, pioneer chapter progresses Alien Covenant, in cinemas from May 12. The Alien Covenant team members will participate in activities for fans, …

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Table 19. Critical

Director Jeffrey Blitz has not made a feature film in a decade, and there is a very good reason for this. “Table 19” it is his first big-screen effort since he directed “RocketScience”in 2007, and is an attempt to regain his rhythm after years in television doing comedies as prestigious …

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We’re giving away five packs of merchandising Logan

March 3 arriving in cinemas throughout Spain Logan, the new adventure solo Wolverine’s and that will be one of the endpoints that will managers (or claws) in the case of Hugh Jackman as this mutant so beloved of the big screen. To celebrate the premiere of the film as it …

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Logan. Critical

It’s been 4 years since 20th Century Fox and director James Mangold brought us the second installment of one of the most beloved mutants, Wolverine. It must be said first of all that the two previous films touched the ridiculous, at least that of Wolverine origins. Immortal Wolverine, the continuation …

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Demolition (Demolition). Critical

At this point everyone will agree that Jake Gyllenhaal is an actorazo. His career is impressive since the 10 year old MOM and dad (both filmmakers) were it to act, and is gradually being consolidated as one of the best interpreters of the American cinema of this century. The boy …

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Kung Fu Panda 3 available in July

The Kung Fu Panda available July 3 entry appears first in Game It – hardware, video games and consoles. DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment said that its latest animated projection, Kung Fu Panda 3, has been one of the most viewed films of the year and is …

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