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How to tame rapid in Ark Survival Evolved

In Ark, one of the incredible things you can do, is ride dinosaurs. Maybe you’re tired of just kill these poor creatures, but it is time to ride in them, and fight together. We will teach you what is the fastest way to tame the dinosaurs on the Ark Survival …

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How to get metal easily in Ark Survival Evolved

In every game there comes a time where complicated get resources. Previously we teach you how to get glass, but now will help you to find something more important and essential, metal, one of the resources most used in Ark. The metal is a resource that is used to create …

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How to build boats in Ark Survival Evolved

One of the most amazing things about Ark, to build boats, you will explore and have advantage against the enemy. There are huge castles and fortresses of other players who are difficult to break down, you probably think that it would be difficult to deal with them, but the truth …

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How to get Crystal Ark Survival Evolved

Crystal is one of the important and necessary resources in Ark, there are plenty of advanced objects obtained through this material. Usually you can find it in the mountain peaks and the majority of the caves. To gather and obtain the Crystal, it is best to use a Metal spike, …

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How to get the best armor in Fallout 4

Some time ago we show you how to get the Broadsider Fallout 4, today we will teach you how to find the best armor that there is in the game. Armatures can be helpful when you are in difficult situations. Although they have many different models to choose from, Nothing …

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How to finish the craftsman Wogah in Far Cry Primal

We all know that there is a point in a game where we were stuck and unable to continue. One such case is the Mission of the Wogah craftsman in Far Cry Primal. We have tips that will make you the mission to complete it. It descends through the cave …

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