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Dodonpachi Unlimited: The bullet-hell for excellence in your mobile

The danmaku or bullet-hell are a type of very differential shoot´emup based on the positioning and the elusive constant’s ceaseless patterns of thousands of bullets. Cave is one of the Japanese developers that gave life to the genre and now has taken his most legendary to the mobile field saga. …

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Air Conflicts Secret Wars will have extra content on PlayStation 4

Advancement records has announced the additional content that will come with the physical Edition PlayStation 4 game Air Conflicts Secret Wars, a classic air lovers.  The contents are as follows: New aircraft: A6M Zero and F4F Wildcat New control system more arcade, according to the gamepad of PS4 system Headtrack …

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Anarcute. PC analysis.

The police is to serve to the citizen, not to serve the lusts of leaders political with more face that back. A police state is very serious and when they violate the laws that protect the population, a group of civilians can become the greatest tool for the protection of …

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Hyper Bounce Blast. Analysis PC

The Hyper Bounce Blast entrance. Analysis PC first appears in Game It – hardware, video games and consoles. Hyper Bounce Blast is a game developed by Flump Studios and is now available through Steam. Founded in 2011, Flump Studios devoted himself to the development of video games for PC, Xbox …

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