Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Antihero. First impressions PC


In Antihero are the leader of a Guild of thieves seeking to take over control of the city. We are in a strategy game, with isometric view of a Board depicting a small village, with houses, streets and special buildings, all within a very colorful ambiance in the London Victorian …

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Bikkuri Island, analysis of a retro game in Japan Guide

Recently had the possibility of analyzing Bikkuri Island. Bikkuri Island is the first book of David Bosca, founder of the blog “A creative Spanish in Japan”. In it, David tells all the tricks, guides, and advice that any retro games Hunter could wish. From a time to get up to …

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3 innovative changes that schools are making

The technology is becoming present in all sectors, and the jump to digital is inevitable. In the field of education, the portable devices like smartphones and tablets have become the way of interaction par excellence of the students. And not are only phones smart, also appear concepts as the internet of …

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