Friday , February 23 2018
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Prey, its creative director tells us what have been their inspirations


Prey is the latest game from Arkane Studios, the developer behind the acclaimed saga Dishonored. Unlike Dishonored Steampunk aesthetics, the design of Prey takes borrowed elements of the classic Sci-Fi to hold its atmosphere of suspense. Its Creative Director, Raphael Colantonio, reveals some of the surprising influences of the play, …

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Prey, a new video shows us a very ecological station

A space station is to be possible, the self-sustainability is a key part of this, being one of the main recycling. Our adventure in the Talos I see that does not throw anything, and is in Prey are very aware with this.¬†Trash, treasures, alien Typhoon… anything goes. We are showing …

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Quake Champions, a video introduces us to Clutch

Bethesda continues with new videos promoting their upcoming releases and is now the turn of Quake Champions, whose new trailer we will present one of his contenders: Clutch. Clutch spent most of its existence under the ground like a robot without consciousness, almost indestructible, crushed rocks and protecting their human …

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Prey, enjoys the first free hour on PS4 and Xbox One

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have announced this afternoon that beginning April 27 to demomode, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can try the first hour of Prey. This happens more than one week before its release, which will be held on May 5. Prey demo: start time puts us in …

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The Elder Scrolls Online begins soon its free week

Bethesda held a week of free game The Elder Scrolls Online, which will start tomorrow on April 11 and will run until 18, for all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. They are seven days so that the players live adventures in Tamriel, believe and develop characters, …

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The free trial of Dishonored 2 is now available

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have announced the release the free trial of Dishonored 2, first-person action title. To celebrate the launch of the free trial, you have shown a new trailer showing sequences taken directly from the gameplay of the title, as well as comments of criticism. This test will …

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Quake Champions, new video gameplay without interruptions

So far, we have seen several videos of Quake Champions that we presented, mainly, the characters that we will have our choice and abilities, as well as possible strategies to play with them. Bethesda has wanted to give us with a gameplay that we can see, uncut, How would be …

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Prey: weapons, objects and gadgets are shown in a new video

Bethesda and Arkane Studios continue to show us what we find after the release of Prey occur on May 5 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On this occasion speaks about weapons, objects and gadgets that are shown in a new video from TranStar. In addition to a wide …

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