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The journey of spirited away in paper

Spirited away is probably the masterpiece of Studio Ghibli and the film of the century XXI most valued by the public and critics from around the world. Under this premise, the Heroes of paper Publishing publishes a book that explores the universe of this film through its context, its characters, …

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White Nights, review of the work of John Green

White Nights is a collection of three long stories written by three famous youth authors: Maureen Johnson and John Green, Lauren Myracle. Contextualized on the same context, we have them stories of love that surround the miracle Christmas of a group of young teenagers. The first story tells the story …

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The mess you leave, analysis of a psychological thriller

This week we touched read according to our mantra (a.k.a., the literary challenge to which we are subject) a book published this year. So we chose the mess that you let Carlos Montero, a psychological thriller that was Prix spring in 2016. The disorder that leave us has the history …

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Bikkuri Island, analysis of a retro game in Japan Guide

Recently had the possibility of analyzing Bikkuri Island. Bikkuri Island is the first book of David Bosca, founder of the blog “A creative Spanish in Japan”. In it, David tells all the tricks, guides, and advice that any retro games Hunter could wish. From a time to get up to …

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