Friday , February 23 2018
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO receives many complaints by its recent update


Valve has released a new update to the popular shooter CSGO which have enabled the Revolver R8 and the Negev in the competitive mode machine gun. The scandal would not be so abundant if it weren’t for change which have made him the machine gun. Negev machine gun has received …

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Valve has released the CSGO veteran currency

If you’re one of those who already have veteran of the CSGO coin (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) already know they give you after spending 5 years with a degree of counter-strike in your Steam library. Valve has put the currency but now in physical for saga collectors. And that is the …

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Neymar celebrated a goal against Paraguay to the CSGO

Neymar celebrated a goal against Paraguay marking is a fantastic tribute to counter-strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). How did such? It recreated Flashbang animation of the game from Valve, which was added some time in order to cover your face so no they be blinded stunt us Flash grenades. As you …

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Two YouTubers timan with skins of CSGO betting web


All who play to counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS) know the system having CSGO for the skins of weapons and skins bets. Surely know them sites webs of betting that there are for these, but not there is that trust is of these systems. In recent days two popular youtubers have …

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