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Bungie has officially announced Destiny 2

Bungie has announced through the official Twitter account of Destiny, the official announcement of his successor: Destiny 2. Bungie has chosen Twitter to announce Destiny 2. A medium in which is has insured a maximum diffusion through the retuits and that he has served so everyone put their eyes in …

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Destiny: how to get ornaments for weapons

The new radiant treasures of Destiny are definitely objects to those who want to keep track of, already that each one contains form secured one new ornaments that we can put to some exceptional weapons to modify their appearance, as well as different power-ups to up level and silver powder …

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Destiny: where get all the clusters of SIVA sleeper

As with the expansion of the possessed King, which included a large number of fragments calcified, we also find a series of collectibles the Lords of iron. They are the clusters of SIVA sleeping, which are divided into 3 different categories – Clovis Bray, iron and the fallen Lords – …

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Destiny: how to get the year 3 Hawthorn

The new DLC’s Destiny is now available for all users from Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so we have a lot of new weapons to get. I have already shown the en vogue from year 3 to get and how to get the rifle Khvostov, so today we are continuing …

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Destiny: how to get the en vogue from year 3

The Lords of iron has reached Destiny with great force and many things that provide us, including enemies, activities, objects, weapons, and even a new raid that we have available. These weapons include whips of our beloved en vogue, so today I teach how to get it step by step. …

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