Monday , April 15 2024
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New 2DS XL Nintendo portable new

Nintendo has clearly announced that it does not want to leave the world of portable consoles and confirms it to us the fact that a few hours ago has launched the announcement of the new portable for large N, the New XL 2DS. It foresees that the new portable will …

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Chaos arrives in Hearthstone with its new menu

Yesterday Blizzard gave a letter on the occasion of advancement to users who had acquired the new expansion trip to Un’Goro, departing light today the 6th of April. Yesterday the letter called Volcanosaurio resulted in a scrambled among users of Hearthstone. Today is the day that during standard mode stop …

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Free download Fallout Shelter on Steam

The popular game mobile Fallout Shelter with more than 75 million players, joins most active sector of video games platform: PC. It is so in this way we can get already itself the popular game in the series Fallout for Steam. PC fans will have to go to the page …

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The Joy-Con and Pro Controller can be connected to the PC

A user of YouTube DreWoof has released a new video confirming the feat, which manages to connect the Joy-with the Pro Controller to a PC, even to a MAC or even Android. How the Joy-with work with bluetooth you can connect other devices that operate in the same way, as …

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Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52, a mouse gaming with RGB lighting

Manufacturer of peripherals Sharkoon has released a new mouse focused to the gamer audience. This product, which is called the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52, is characterized by having at the bottom with 32 RGB lighting color preset. Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 a laser sensor incorporates Avago ADNS-9800, which offers a …

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The new expansion of Hearthstone has already been announced

Blizzard has announced the new expansion to Hearthstone, which introduced 135 new cards and which takes by title Journey to a ‘ Goro to introduce the dangers of an inhospitable wild region.In Journey to a ‘ Goro, whose official trailer you can see here under the hand of Jason Hayes …

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