Friday , November 24 2017
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Chaos arrives in Hearthstone with its new menu


Yesterday Blizzard gave a letter on the occasion of advancement to users who had acquired the new expansion trip to Un’Goro, departing light today the 6th of April. Yesterday the letter called Volcanosaurio resulted in a scrambled among users of Hearthstone. Today is the day that during standard mode stop …

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The new expansion of Hearthstone has already been announced

Blizzard has announced the new expansion to Hearthstone, which introduced 135 new cards and which takes by title Journey to a ‘ Goro to introduce the dangers of an inhospitable wild region.In Journey to a ‘ Goro, whose official trailer you can see here under the hand of Jason Hayes …

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Hearthstone presents trip to Un’Goro

It seems that since Blizzard have changed the plans to which we were accustomed in recent years to Hearthstone and while in the past years, a few months after the expansion of letters came a new adventure to unlock some of the legendary henchmen of the game seems that for …

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Hearthstone Debuts Mafias of Gadgetzan

Since Blizzard have announced that the new update of letters is now available to Hearthstone. Under the name of “Mafias of Gadgetzan” becomes the fourth expansion that receives the game and includes a total of 132 new cards that will allow us to give a twist to our mallets. The …

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Hearthstone debuts new adventure one night in Karazhan


The game of cards from Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone, opens a new adventure called one night in Karazhan, with a new Board and new letters to perfect our deck of heroes of Warcraft and enhancers. Hearthstone is celebrating with a night in Karazhan But with more than 40 million players Hearthstone …

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