Friday , November 24 2017
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Kingdom Hearts Union X now available

About a year ago both Android was launched for mobile devices as iOS the title Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, after all this time becomes the first major update of the game under the title of Kingdom Hearts Union X. The big news that gives us this update are different improvements …

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The Kingdom Hearts series celebrates its 15th anniversary

This year 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. In this saga will live the struggle between light and darkness in a story starring Sora, a carrier of the keyblade. This travels the various Disney worlds to stop the invasion of the heartless sealing locks and returning …

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Union X, confirmed Kingdom Hearts Unchained X update

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X fans can learn more about the history of the title thanks to the exit of Union X, the relaunch of formerly known as KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained XRPG for mobile devices. As part of a free update scheduled for next month, the game will soon have a …

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