Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Antihero. First impressions PC


In Antihero are the leader of a Guild of thieves seeking to take over control of the city. We are in a strategy game, with isometric view of a Board depicting a small village, with houses, streets and special buildings, all within a very colorful ambiance in the London Victorian …

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Ballistic Overkill, Aquiris Game Studio, officially comes to Steam

Aquiris Game Studio has announced that Ballistic Overkill, its PvP shooter, comes to Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. The main objective of the game is to place players to compete in an environment that is balanced in which they can specialize in their own style of gameplay with …

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Civilization VI, spring 2017 update is now available

2K and Firaxis Games have announced that the spring 2017 update is now available from Sid Meier completo Civilization VI. This, now available for players of PC and coming soon for Mac and Linux, includes a series of balance changes, adjustments of AI, multiplayer changes and bug fixes. The Persian and …

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Original StarCraft will be free for all

In addition to announce StarCraft Remastered, Blizzard announced that the original StarCraft will become a free game. StarCraft Anthology is the compilation of StarCraft and Brood War that until recently was being sold for €15, but that now will not happen more. Until end March a new update will be …

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Sailaway, sail Simulator, to reach this first PC and Mac

OrbCreation has recreated the oceans of the planet with precision on a detailed map of the world for this new adventure where you can enjoy your navigation. At Sailaway, take a trip across the Pacific takes months, as you would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, we …

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The Joy-Con and Pro Controller can be connected to the PC

A user of YouTube DreWoof has released a new video confirming the feat, which manages to connect the Joy-with the Pro Controller to a PC, even to a MAC or even Android. How the Joy-with work with bluetooth you can connect other devices that operate in the same way, as …

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Hearthstone presents trip to Un’Goro

It seems that since Blizzard have changed the plans to which we were accustomed in recent years to Hearthstone and while in the past years, a few months after the expansion of letters came a new adventure to unlock some of the legendary henchmen of the game seems that for …

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