Friday , November 24 2017
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New Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Shuffle receives the Alola Pokemon with new phases

Nintendo has announced that the Pokémon of the Seventh generation, belonging to the region of Alola, in Pokémon Shuffle for Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Shuffle Mobileis already available. In addition, for a limited time can get to Alola initial Pokémon through special stages: Litten phase is available until May 9, …

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I-Kai Watch, presented in Madrid its second season

VIZ Media Europe presented in a press conference held in Madrid on April 7 the second season of I-Kai Watch, which aspires to become the leading child leave in 2017. The license landed a year ago in Spain and since then has enjoyed great success among the public. Watch I-Kai …

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Announced strategy to 2017 I-Kai watch

VIZ Media Europe announces that the first year of operation of the license I-Kai Watch in Europe has been a resounding success. Created as a franchise 360, them pillars main of the license-the game of Nintendo 3DS, the series of animation for television and them toys-enjoyed of great popularity among …

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Retransmission of the Regional Championship of Pokemon in England

The Pokémon Company already has everything ready to start the next Pokemon Regional Championship which will be held in the city of Sheffield, England, this same Saturday March 4, from 10:30. The Championship will last throughout the weekend. Sheffield has become the most important city in this weekend, hosting one …

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Dates for the 2017 Pokemon World Championship

The Pokemon Company International has announced the dates for the 2017 Pokemon World Championship, one of the biggest events in the world of Pokémon that will take place in Anaheim, California from 18 to 20 August. Pokemon 2017 World Championship brings together the best Pokémon trainers in the world, competing …

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Plantera 5 keys for 3DS or Wii U draw

In Game It continue one week more with our sweepstakes and doubly, since we launched two different drawings in the same week. But for this occasion we have gathered with the Spanish independent study Ratalaika Games to give you the chance to win one of five keys, we’re giving away …

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Hunting Pokémon Arceus in Game for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon fever is every day more active by the mobile application Pokemongo, that allows you to fulfill the dream of being the best coach in the world and the launch of new video games Pokemon Sun and moon Pokemon. Game always have declared a large fans these fantastic creatures, so …

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GAME teaches us best sellers in June


Beginning of month and as all them early the chain of stores GAME us teaches them more sold of the month of June in a list where can see both games as movies, comics / sleeves and figures interactive. As on other occasions, I will show you the 10 best-selling …

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