Friday , April 19 2024
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Tomorrow starts everything. Critical

Countercurrent films, the Spanish distributor specializing in independent and alternative cinema presents one of French films of the moment all begins tomorrow, a film that aims to move and reach the heart as announces its own advertising and which relies on the undeniable appeal of actor Omar Sy for comedy …

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The magnificent seven. Critical

There is life beyond the adaptations of comics and especially for a remake, they have already fashionable long, so the famous 1960 western is the time to revisit the magnificent seven, which had John Sturges to managing the roost and several stars of the era such as: Steve McQueen, Yul …

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Filtered Dead Rising 4

Multiple images and a poster of what could be Dead Rising 4 have been leaked. According to ThisGenGaming, the medium that has filtered it, would be being developed by Capcom Vancouver, who made Dead Rising 3, the launch of Xbox One exclusive title. In terms of the graphics, it seems …

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Develops the remake of Battlefront 3 free steam

Recently it became known how a Group of Star Wars fans had intended to do a remake of Star Wars Battlefront 3 for that finally this title was released. The project’s remake of this game, which has been renamed Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil, has as target rebuild the previous …

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The Giant, map of Call Of Duty, available for purchase

Activision has announced that map The Giant, a remake of Der Riese, is for purchase on an individual basis in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The content takes players back to secret research centre, which is one of the fans favorite zombie maps. So far, was just as extra …

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