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Tank Football, new World of Tanks by euro event

Altaya has announced the Tank Football event for their acquaintance MOBA World of Tanks, which will start on June 10 and will last approximately one month.

Be formed equipment of 3v3, who will compete to score the maximum number of goals in matches of 7 minutes. With weapons of tanks, the player must give the ball and move around it until you reach the goal of the team enemy. In addition, during the duration of the event, players will receive exclusively the T-62a free in the garage space.

There will be available three stadiums to play the matches of Tank Football 2016: Himmelsdorf Arena, Stade Eiffel and Old Tankford. You can also complete new quests andsolitary or recruiting 3 friends and Customize your tank with flags of the countries that will be part of the Europacopa.

Finally, a there will be football tournament. The registration period begins on June 1 and will end on June 15. The only requirement is to form a team of 3 players and prove that you are the winners of the event. The four best teams will receive special rewards one year of Premium account and Type-59 for each Member of the team. You will also have the possibility of competing against the top 4 teams of the former Soviet Union to pick up a part of the $5,000 in prizes.

At the end of the eventthe T-62a S, the space of the garage and the flags of the countries participating in the euro 2016 will be removed from the players. However, any medal or emblem got will remain as a memory of the event.

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