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Tekken 7 reveals details about the DLC’s

With a huge fan base that has been waiting for a great new title of the saga for 10 years and criticisms received by Street Fighter V due to their low content of release, Tekken 7 reaches stores on June 2 with an unbeatable to rise above the rest of fighting games.

Today from Bandai Namco have revealed us some details of what it will include different downloadable content packages to be released once the game is on sale. By the time has confirmed that 3 DLCs, will arrive the first will be available during the summer of 2017, i.e. shortly after the release of Tekken 7, and will include a new mode of play and no less than 50 outfits for the various fighters.

To receive more content we will have to wait until the winter of 2017 to try the second pack and the spring of 2018 to be able to download the third. These last two DLC will include a a character invited another franchise each with their unique costumes and their respective special stage. All of these packages of content may be purchased individually or through the pass of the season.

Also remember that the game reserve you can count on Eliza, the fighter Tekken Revolution vampire. Only now we wait until June 2 to begin to deal blows at PC or Playstation 4, Xbox One.

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