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Temporal Battle Arena mode is now available on I am Setsuna

Square Enix has announced that the temporary Arena Battle of I am Setsuna, new exclusive Nintendo Switch. mode is now available It is now available as free downloadable content for users of the Nintendo console.

This new mode presents a new way of playing against other players in turn-based combat. The temporary Battle Arena allows loading and unloading the combat groups, offering them the possibility of using his preferred formation of characters to fight against other random groups of varying levels of ability or the group formed by a friend through your Player ID. To access this additional content, it is necessary to have completed the game and downloaded the latest update patch. Those who have completed the game can return to visit the Frozen Lands to gain access to the arena after find Togi.

I am Setsuna is a title of role of classical style developed by Tokyo RPG Factory. This adventure tells the story of Setsuna, a young woman who must leave, accompanied by their guardians, to make the sacrifice that will save his people. The title tries to emulate the role Japanese of the 16-bit era titles as Chrono Trigger, which also inspired its battle system.

I am Setsuna temporary Battle Arena mode is now available in Nintendo Switch. Then we leave the trailer.

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