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Test Mars VR Experience in the VR Gate of PlayStation

We have had the pleasure of attending VR Gate of PlayStation to prove Mars VR Experience, a virtual reality experience based on Mars (The Martian) film from 20th Century Fox, directed by Robert Stromberg and acclaimed producer Ridley Scott.

Proof of this title is delving into the planet red for 30 minutesor more depends on the confidence that you have, in which could revive some scenes of the film presenting us with fragments extracted from herself and others as playable. Mars VR Experience investingin these parts where we were the own Mark Watney, was really nice and experience for all those who love the Ridley Scott production and performance of Matt Damon.

However, during our test, we had some problems with the character. This in an of the stages suffered of some that another bug where our hands not responded properly and members of the body is had elongated to the style of the famous bug of the “neck long” of Battlefield 3. However, the team present of the VR Gate got solve without problem some this small failure caused by the camera of PlayStation 4 and the distance between us. Tell that although the experience was pleasant, since could see part of the space in 360 degrees and even see of first hand some parts of Mars, the project sins of be quite short and level of development and modeled something premature.

Mars VR Experience us lets live in first person a total of five scenes of the film, told previously by the footballer Mark Watney. The first one is the part of the famous potatoes, where we find both large and small, and keep them in a barrel according to your size. Then, the second involves placing solar panels by controlling a crane and later we had to dig away some rocks a bottle. Subsequently, the fourth and best of all, let us drive a Rover at whim, and can connect and disconnect the background music and control some settings of the vehicle as well as spend fully in order to inspect the surface of Mars a little (and thus, in this way, increase the duration that you want). And don’t you have more since from here, what is by playing the phase and the next are huge spoilers and do not want to reveal anything to anyone. But yes, at the end of this experience we thought that it would be more stressful, and even mareante, but finally did not and visually very well met all expectations. However, control the character in this last area was somewhat confusing as sometimes seemed that it was not moving or we were going astray.

Also take into account that Mars VR Experience has been developed by Fox Innovation Lab, in collaboration with RSA Films and The Virtual Reality Company, becoming the first title created with virtual reality based on a film and first release of this magnitude of 20th Century Fox. So it also say that it is normal to not get a more surprising level and with more features. Although its main target is expand even more the experience lived during the film, is check of less a control more deep and parts playable more developed.

As conclusion say that is a great option for live and enter is in what lived the astronaut Mark Watney during his stay in Mars, something that will like much, no doubt, to them more clinging of the film. To us, for example, us has delighted. But Mars VR Experience must take it of two ways according to our criteria and requirement: as product complementary and commercial of a film is great although with aspects to improve, but if it take as video game is too short and little deep in them pillars more important of which is, actually, a video game. From here we urge to make more products like this, since the technology of virtual reality can offer much to the world of cinema and the way to enjoy it.

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