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The best accessories for Nintendo Switch


In addition to shields and peripherals, there are accessories that make for a better comfort to play in laptop mode and Tabletop. These facilitate mobility in travel or in the transfer of the console, maintaining a satisfaction for anyone. We will then show you what.

Car holder

With Nintendo Switch can play anywhere, and one of those places is in the car while traveling. In this case, the best accessory that gives comfort, is the support for cars. This allows you to place the screen on the back of the seat, being rotatable and adjustable to give a better stability when playing, even in multiplayer.


Subsonic – car holder €11.85 BUY
RRP €14.99


It often happens that some tables are low, making them you uncomfortable to play. This accessory allows you to raise the console 12 centimeters. In addition, it is able to tilt at three different angles. To connect with the Nintendo Switch, you only have to insert it into the back of the console, this way you can hold on a table.


Adjustable multi-angle playstand for Nintendo Switch €15.19 BUY
RRP € 15.19

Artril with speaker

This type of stand, as well as serving as a support, serves to increase the volume. Is speaker increases the sound and the bass of the console. You don’t have any cable to load, it has a battery that lasts a long time.


Subsonic – speaker stand €24,99 BUY
PRICE €28.00

Load support

Nintendo just Switch may reload when you put the console in the Dock, or when it is connected to a cable USB type C. But in addition to this, there is also a support of load and play to recharge from a lectern, when the console is on any table.

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Joy-with support load €29,90 BUY
RRP €29.99

Cartridge case

This case is used to save games cartridges and cards micro SD. This has the ability to maintain 8 cartridges and 4 cards microSD into one single.


Hori – case games, 24 cartridges €9,90 BUY
PVP €9,90

Now having these accessories, have total comfort guaranteed to play wherever you want, and how much you want in your Nintendo Switch.

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