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The best covers and protectors for Nintendo Switch


We know very well that Nintendo Switch commonly used practically everywhere, as a portable console. Because of this, it is essential that care it for providing protection when we move it or when it are using. Apparently getting protection is somewhat difficult, as it is a platform where its components can separate, which would slightly uncomfortable functionality. For this reason, we’ll teach you what are the accessories ideals so you protect your Nintendo Switch.


To make sure we don’t turn you nothing wrong to our Switch, the first thing we must take into account is its screen, is essentially to play, so we don’t want us damage.


Hybrid Cover

Similar protection is just a cover. It was made with the aim of protecting nothing more and nothing less than the screen, excluding the sides that would be the joy – with, in this way is obtained a more practical when it comes to removing the joy – with. In addition, you can use as a stand to hold the console while it is positioned on a stand.

Nintendo Switch

Screen protector Hybrid Cover €21.99 BUY
PRICE €25.00

Screen saver

It is good to put a screen saver to your Nintendo Switch, so that you reach dropping or knocking with something to scratch or damage the screen directly. One of the best brands of screensavers, is the Japanese Hori, it has a good quality which does not permit the generation of bubbles in the blade guard.

Nintendo Switch

Hori – Screen Protector €9,99 BUY
PVP €9,99


It is clear that a case of housing such as those used in mobile phones, will not work for this console. This platform can separate its components, so it is best to use an accessory that protects and at the same time facilitate the transfer of Nintendo Switch.


Ardistel – Game Traveler Deluxe NNS42 €19.95 BUY
PVP €19.95

There are different covers for Nintendo Switch. These covers are completely rigid to be bumped and protect what they carry inside. It has firmness and enough space to put the control Grip, the Dock and charger. Most contain small boxes to store 8 cartridges and 4 microSD cards. This cover will help you at the time of travel, so bring everything you need with you.


Ardistel – Game Traveler Deluxe NNS60 €34.99 BUY
RRP €34.99

If you don’t want to prevent to pass him something bad to your console, take the Council and protects your Nintendo Switch. It is a good way to keep it safe and keep it as new.

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