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The Black Hat, the new target elusive Hitman, is now available

Io-Interactive and Square Enix has announced that ‘Black Hat‘, the ninth Elusive goal of Hitman, the new title of Agent 47 is now available. This new target will be at the location of Paris during the next 72 hours, but unlike the previous has several characteristics that make it special, since we will not have an image of the face of the same, so you’ll have to find it by other means. It tends to avoid security cameras and much likes to jam, by what we will have to listen to conversations to find out who is talking about as sweet delicacy.

These elusive goals have special rules, because they will only be for a limited time. In addition the objective information will be limited, they appear not instinct mode or in mini map and whether die during the mission as if it runs out the time will not have more opportunities. These form part of those events in live of the title that is published between those different episodes.

Also complete five target elusive Hitman costume unlock: Absolution for use in the game, with ten of these objectives released costume Hitman: Blood Money and if you filling additional objectives will unlock more variations of costumes.

Hitman is a game of action and stealth in which he plays the greatest assassin in the world at the peak of his career, Agent 47. We have complete strategic freedom to eliminate targets as broad as complex levels. Deciding where go, when attack and to who delete. The players carry out their contracts by eliminating powerful personalities in exotic locations around the world.

Then we leave the trailer for the Black Hat.

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