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The Division: weekly reset of activities (31 May)

The Division

The Division, as well as Destiny, has a weekly and daily reset that we see new missions appear in the map, which we can complete to obtain a good handful of Phoenix credits to buy more powerful weapons in the game. These are the weekly tasks that are available in The Division after the reset:

  • Kill 50 cleaners in the dark area. The first part of the week requires us to pass through the dark area to kill a few cleaners. Since they should not be enemies with name, it is not very tedious to complete this part of the strategic task, and will surely take us a short time.

  • Dismantle 20 specialized objects. We will have to dismantle 20 items of specialized or higher quality, which will not give us many problems if we went through the dark area for farmear a bit, since if we have level 30 it is quite unlikely that we receive less than that category objects. With a few extractions while you play normally there will be leftovers.

  • Kill 50 enemies of the LMB. We can meet this part of the weekly tasks in the dark area, but if we want to go a little bit faster we can go to any of the districts of Manhattan populated by enemies of the LMB. With our level they will soon fall and we will finish more quickly than in the ZO.

  • Complete 10 missions in difficult or challenging. Much more interesting to do them in challenging mode, because we will receive a handful of credits if they are how daily. Each one will take us between 25 and 30 minutes if you already have some experience with these challenging missions.

As you know, parties can be completed as we want, whenever we want, so there is time to reset the next Tuesday to meet them all and get 30 credits Phoenix. On the other hand we have the weekly task of the ISAC, which will reward us with a hat ISAC Esmay and 3 units of The Division technology Gold if we kill 100 enemies Veterans (purple). A weekly plus.

It is still much to see of The Division, but if you want to climb as the foam do not hesitate to go through our guides to survive in the dark area, extract with success, all the enemies with the ZO name, all the chests of the ZO, raise the rank of the ZO fast, funding of the ZO, get money, fast climb to level 30 get Supreme team and best build to play solo. All help is little to get credits, weapons and equipment.

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