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The Earth average: shadows of Guerra shows your gameplay in a new video

Warner Bros. has shown a new video of Middle-Earth: shadows of Guerra, the sequel to the Middle-Earth: shadows of Mordor. This video focuses on show the gameplay of the title, presenting the new system Nemesis. The incorporation of Nemesis strengths allows to use different strategies to conquer dynamic bastions and create custom ORC armies, and in this in this video you can see one of the many possibilities.

Middle Earth: Shadows of Guerra is the new installment in the saga of action and adventure in an open world developed by Monolith Productions. This new delivery includes a history completely original, with the return of retaliation and Celebrimbor, that now must cross the lines enemy to form an army and return to all Mordor against the Lord dark, Sauron. In the title, will use a new ring of power to face us to them enemies more lethal, including to Sauron and their Nazgul, in an epic battle by the land Media. The game of the expansion of the system will have Nemesis. Robust customization from the first game now applies to the whole world, where all the environments and characters are influenced by the decisions and actions of the player, creating a personal and unique world with each new game.

Middle Earth: Shadows of war you will arrive Aug. 25 to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Then we leave its gameplay.

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