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The Elder Scrolls Legends: launch on PC, content and upcoming news

Bethesda offers new information about The Elder Scrolls Legends highlighting the launch of the title in the platform of PC, as well as the first update of content, the fall of the brotherhood dark, and details on them next news important in the game, as them new platforms, expansions and features that is have programmed for them next months.

After collect opinions on the beta by players for several months and apply a lot of improvements, additions and optimizations, Bethesda is proud to remove the label “beta” of The Elder Scrolls Legends and present its launch for PC. Fans of the card games of strategy seeking challenges and depth with the background of Elder Scrolls, can download the game for free through the application of Bethesda.net, invite your friends and start to enjoy the multiplayer content and solo.

On the other hand, they have also presented the first content update of The Elder Scrolls Legends the fall of the Dark Brotherhood, a new story alone that puts us in the shoes of a double agent who has hired you infiltrate the ranks of the dark brotherhood. A sinister group will recruit him to end the infamous Guild of lethal killers of Elder Scrolls. To do this, we will have to make important decisions that will affect the missions and that will determine the end of the story.

The fall of the Dark Brotherhood contains a huge new adventure that takes place before the events of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. New content will be divided into three sections or maps, and will incorporate more than 25 missions and 40 new game cards. As missions are completed, we unlock new cards, available exclusively through the fall of the dark brotherhood, including three new legendary cards.

This content can buy it from the game as three maps individual or in a package with a price special of 19.99€. Also you can buy with gold of the game. Those who purchase the fall of the dark brotherhood will also receive the mount Doom Wolf in The Elder Scrolls Online (only for PC/Mac) as a bonus.

In addition to the official launch for PC, Bethesda has also revealed its plans regarding a lot of features and new content that will arrive in the next two months:

  • Global iPad March 23 launch: The Elder Scrolls Legends reach iPad at the end of the month, with its global debut in mobile devices on March 23. The game will be available for free on the App Store.
  • Global Tablet Android in April release: shortly after the iPad launch, the game will come to Android tablets month coming, expanding its reach to millions of devices more worldwide.
  • Integration with Twitch and spectator mode: may bring an important integration with Twitch update and spectating, features that allow players to demonstrate their skills and see matches live online to learn new strategies at the hands of the masters of the game.
  • New gauntlet mode: in may, will also come mode gauntlet, in which players will have to compete in minitorneos with their own decks. In addition to the current classification of ranks, the gauntlets may have different sizes and durations. In addition, they will provide players new opportunities of joining competitions of the game that may participate at your own pace.
  • Launch in Mac OS: in the spring, The Elder Scrolls: Legends will continue coming to new platforms with the global launch on Mac OS.
  • In the summer will come a major expansion: the fall of the Dark Brotherhood is only the first of a series of new stories and sets that arrive in Legends in 2017. The first new set is scheduled for summer. More information about this set at E3 June 2017 will reveal.
  • In mobile phones, this summer: the strategic card game will jump to phones Android and iPhone in summer. More information, including the release date at E3 June 2017 will be revealed.

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