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The first DLC for Mafia 3 is now available

As you read, 2 K Games has announced that the first expansion in the popular game Mafia 3 DLC format is already available for sale.

Unlock exclusive rewards of “faster!” to further customize your path of revenge. It is equipped with the MK 1020 Roxy, a silenced submachine gun that spits fire. Accelerates to fund the Nightcrawler Lassiter of Roxy, a sports car made for the persecutions. You can also access the costumes Blue Genius and The Experience, and much more!

They have also released a demo to try it and decide whether to buy it or not. You can take a look at the DLC on Steam or on the trailer that I attached below.

This DLC titled “Fast” adds a new part of the story and the plot so it’s about to go against a Sheriff for a civil rights issue. This new content will have a price of €15 though, if you have the season pass it comes included.

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