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The Long Dark, the great update each time more closely

That is, gentlemen. The Long Dark is a Canadian company Hinterland Studio game and for the first time since its launch (09/2014) we can see progress in the long-awaited Story Mode.

By now the title is based in a sandbox of exploration, production and survival. And little history we placed after a plane crash in Canadian mountains during the winter. Our duty is simple, survive at all since all we can kill. Will need to search any thing that us allow feed us and keep the hunger and the thirst to stripe. We also use hunting (if we are lucky to find the coveted rifle and bullets), we will have to seek refuge for sleep (fishing huts, houses, shops, cars, whatever) and avoid and/or deal with predators (wolves or bears)

The long dark

Not only think to food, The Long Dark puts much emphasis on the subject of temperature (remember that we are in Canada, and that temperatures vary between less long and less a lot) each type of food will satisfy us ‘X’ bar hunger (same with drink) parts and also grant us a number concrete calories (depending on the quality of what ingiramos) as well as clothing , which will have a protection (already is thermal or against the wind) depending on the quality that have (say also that can find games of Couture for fix and improve it quality or to break the fabric and manufacture others things). Well, now we have to keep in mind the calories we have because until sleep consumes them (I’m not going to count the times that I’ve gone to sleep and already I have not woken up) and in the same way, we will need fire during the night to warm up quickly. Fortunately, there are a lot of houses, cars, houses or what we can think of you available to strip owners of which will give you life.

The Story Mode will be episodic and by now the first tests of the chapter 1 is estimated a duration between 5-6 hours, almost the double of what had planned.

A part of the way history, we will have new locations and places where to find certain things and refuge, a new system and interface of clothing, new types of clothing, most modeled from fabric, new Visual effects (lighting topics) and to the RAID of an aurora that will affect the game (there is much secrecy behind the subject)

Also there is secrecy on the date of this update, after the complaints from the players after several delays. That Yes, the hope soon, to see if seeing so much snow left behind this heat.

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