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The Matrix, Warner Bros. It would be already developing its reboot

If a film has permeated the film in recent years this has been The Matrix, released during 1999 he exalted to the Wachowski brothers and made the career of Keanu Reeves gave a stellar leap. This film, which after its huge success would receive two sequels more than they spent with more grief than glory, seems that it is again on the mouth of Warner Bros. as The Hollywood Reporter confirmed.

In the news medium ensures that a company source has confirmed that they are immersed in the early stages of development of a relaunch of The Matrix, although still is not too clear how to deal with this new challenge. According to the Warner Bros. source. It would have a special interest in which Michael B. Jordan campaign Ribbon embodying morphing.

It seems so far there is no news of the Wachowski brothers, who wrote and directed the film, being immersed in this new phase of the Matrix universe, but surely that Warner wants to have these famous directors involved in any way in the new franchise since it would attract many more fans of the original films.

Studies have been playing with the idea of bringing us back to the Matrix as a television series, but has been set at Disney and the treatment that the company is doing with Star Wars and seems that much more that model, exploring every corner of his universe spin-off as a Rogue One or Han Solo film has convinced them.

We have to wait for more details of what what may be this new adventure of Warner Bros., although focusing on the recent statements of Keanu Reeves in which ensured that it would embody Neo if the Wachowski directed, we do not know what to think. We only hope that we see something more worthy of what gave us the second and the third installment of The Matrix.

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