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The most ridiculous challenge of Overwatch

Every day the fashion of the YouTubers make challenges ever more absurd is something that is on the rise and that many fans continue and perpetuate, now detected a challenge very riduclo in the popular game of Overwatch.

It was discovered by several social networks the presence of this new challenge, is a challenge on Overwatch little or has nothing to do with how is the video game created by Blizzard.

The “challenge” called speedrunning, is to go with the mouse pointer computer line that exists between the two rows of characters in the selection screen. The goal is to take it in the shortest time possible without highlighting any of the characters. In the event that one of them is highlighted, we will have to start again and the time it will be invalidated.

Like everything in the world, there is someone who is the first to do it and popularize it. In this case it was the youtuber TteokTV, who has shared his “world record” 32,12 seconds to travel from one side to the other rows. You can make it look easy, but it takes a strong pulse and a patience to fool-proof.

And you are also going to this challenge?

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